Shortly after the return from ELO_2012, a delightful message appeared in the InBox — from Judy Malloy, hypertext pioneer and editor of Authoring Software, the essential resource site for anybody working in electronlit — which contained an invitation to publish an author’s statement on We Descend. It took over a month to complete, but finally there exists a fairly full history as well as detailed techSpecs (if you like that sort of thing) of this “ongoing hyper-fiction“. 

Authoring Software

Here’s Judy’s own statement about Authoring Software:

A resource for teachers and students of new media writing, who are exploring what authoring tools to use, for new media writers and poets, who are interested in how their colleagues approach their work, and for readers, who want to understand how new media writers and poets create their work, the Authoring Software project is an ongoing collection of statements about authoring tools and software. It also looks at the relationship between interface and content in new media writing and at how the innovative use of authoring tools and the creation of new authoring tools have expanded digital writing/hypertext writing/net narrative practice in this vibrant contemporary creative writing field.

Go there. Now. Read everything.