Whilst searching for something else, I found this pre-millennial video from Technology Platforms for 21st Century Literature (TP21CL, pronounced “tippy-twenty-wunkle”, I think), a confabulation of technologists and writers at Brown University in April 1999.

futureTEXT: Billy Bly reads from We Descend from CDS, Brown University on Vimeo.

The rock star with the mike who speaks for the first few minutes is Robert Coover, the convener of the conference — he’s describing projects underway in his Hypertext Workshop at Brown, where e-lit got its start, or one of them, under his brilliant leadership. In fact, it was his 1992 article in the New York Times Book Review, “The End of Books“, that first got me interested in what was then called hypertext, and I doubt We Descend would even exist, were it not for that not-quite-yet prophetic essay.

A million thanks, CDS! — but please note that only my Mommy is allowed to call me Billy.